Tangy poetry from Shona!

Shona. In Focus.

Tall, cool
Suck it down
Shimmers on the lips

Rattle the ice
Swallow it all
Burrs the back of the throat

Crush the cup.

Crush the cup.

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Sigh-inducing. There’s a comment here that sums it up better than i can – this is too sad to be erotica, so it must be real life.

tarnation and eudemonia


every time we made love
i would take off my life like a coat
fold it neatly over a chair
like I expected to return to it in the morning.

and that is no way to make love.

every time you would kneel before me
and scrabble me out
of the folds of my cloth, i would absorb
every nuance of your face and gesture of your hands.

when my eyes should have been closed in prayer.

every time you shook and gasped
i would lift your ass in to the air
and dig my nails into its soft expanses
and die a little. A little at a time.

die slow. be pretty. rehearse your sainthood nightly.
the lies we told each other
endure more now, than these truths.

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Wry, witty and sexy as hell. Not bad for a five year old poem!

tarnation and eudemonia

Come to California
You sexy little robot!  you sexy little scribbler!  you sexy little apple!
With your appetite for misadventure and accident by design, the magic of
your thinking, your sleek and sanguine suicide doors for a heart

Come to California
You sexy little hippie!  You sexy little trooper! You sexy little detective!
I want you for what you are, your hungry head, fed by Ginsberg cookie
and half-baked Jewish sorcery, (the good kind), down-home cookin’….

Come to California
You sexy little duchess! You sexy little plenipotentiary!  You sexy little eyewitness!
Abandon Edgar Cayce! Abandon Willhelm Reich! Bring your up-country professorship,
deny your New York pretty, bring your nipple rings and alternate geometry.

Come to California
You sexy little cowgirl! You sexy little Roman!  You sexy little weirdo!
I have molasses on my tongue and surf beach in my loins, I have a
great spirit that wants to raise itself …

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Annie has such a fresh vision and sweet voice

The Weaponized Blonde

Up with the birds
as the earth turns.
Soon, the sun will burn
the green tinge from the grass.

Up with the rays
the clear, bright light of morning.
Coffee in hand.
A day, unplanned.

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Take a walk on the wildside

Coming Soon, My Blog!

My dark world.
My world of forbidden joy.
My world
off the high street
in the alley,
on my knees –
torn stockings, bloodied hands.
My blackworld

My blackworld
where I choke
my world wher I gasp
at the power inside me
straining to split me
My hidden world.
No one even suspects.
My life in the luring shadows.
My blackworld

My world where I am bound,
my world where I am free from choice,
my world where I surrender
Where the pain is sweet, sweet the
price I pay
to get close to the dark flame
in my blackworld.

Blackworld, hungry boys.
I’m hungry for the hungry boys
and every time I slip there
a little of me lingers forever.
in my blackworld.

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I think this speaks with real humanity and courage to an issue at the forefront of many women’s minds.

Shona. In Focus.

I will kill my rapist
when he comes for me.
When he lunges from the shadows
he will die.
he will slump, in agony
a puzzled look of failure
on his face.

Yes, I will kill my rapist.
I will not go down
and suffer in my silence
like so many did before me.
I will not buckle to that man
or the men who tell me, later
that one day I will learn
to release the pain.

I will kill my rapist
and it will cleanse me.
No jury will convict me
and in fact
every sister will be thankful
I spared them his next rape.
I will kill my rapist
and be proud.

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